Image: Niko Luoma
Image: Niko Luoma



The Degree  Programme in Photography allows the student to deepen previous learning in photography and to specialise in a specific professional area. The core objective is to reinforce the student’s skills of expression, artistic vision and professional specialization. The studies underscore photography as an independent means of expression and the development of conceptual and research-related thinking.
Currently in the Degree Programme of Photography there are about 100 students working towards their degrees and also a sizeable group of students enrolled in minor-subject and international exchange programmes.

The Degrees:

Students enrolled in the programme are entitled to earn a higher Master of Arts degree (120 ECTS). The estimated completion time is 2 years. A detailed description of the studies can be found in the Study Guide of the Department of Media.
The Master of Arts degree can also be completed in English language.
The Master’s Programme in Photography facilitates a deepening of previous studies in photography and specialization in a chosen professional sector in the field. The central objective of the programme is to strengthen students’ expressive skills, artistic vision and specific professional know-how. In the studies we emphasize photography as an independent means of expression, as well as developing conceptual thinking and research.