Antti Ahlström

Antti Ahlström, D.Sc, has made his career as a university researcher and faculty member in nutrition science. After retirement he earned a Master of Arts degree in visual culture. He is now working on a doctoral dissertation on comparing differences between visual depictions in food advertisements targeted especially at Finnish children and at nutrition education professionals since 1930s. He is interested especially in public health nutrition, nutrition policy and nutrition education.

Mikko Itälahti

Mikko Itälahti is an environmental photographer and a human geographer. He is interested in photography as a method for studying the sensory environment. His doctoral thesis examines the changing visual culture surrounding Finnish railways and the traveling experience. The project seeks to develop visual-based methods for “temporarily-enwidened” phenomenology, investigating the changes in relationships between culture, technology and environment.

Sini Kaipainen

Sini Kaipainen has a journalistic background. She made a career as a journalist mostly for a weekly magazine. She has advocated for human interest -journalism since 2001. Her specialities are of social topics, both in Finland and abroad. She also has a strong visual eye, and her photographs have been published in articles written by her.

Photojournalists on Instagram. Professional and personal performances.
Instagram is an arena of ambivalent discourses and practices, a venue of self-promotional, artistic, and political performances as well as a place to publish photojournalism. In this research my goal is to find out how and why professional photojournalists are using Instagram. Besides, I ask whether photojournalists are creating new rules and conventions for photojournalism or even changing journalistically acceptable image-making techniques and strategies in representations of conflict and trauma. Using media ethnography methods like interviews and following selected photojournalists Instagram accounts my research makes the performative elements of authorship transparent and displays photojournalists’ rhetorical, ethical and epistemological ways of functioning in a professional manner also on Instagram.

Keywords: Photojournalism, professional identity, journalism practices, Instagram, social media.

Ari Kakkinen

Ari Kakkinen is an artist and photographer. His artistic thesis includes two of his solo exhibitions (eit (nots), 2010 and Hämärän kymmenen nimeä (Ten Names of Obscurity),2013) and a theoretical section consisting of philosophical and media-theoretical considerations of photographic ontology, or better, nontopology. His work is an approach to photographic disfiguration that disrupts and deconstructs representation but is nevertheless not abstract.

White Is Black, Everything Is Red (Inscription #23), 2009
digital chromogenic print, Diasec, 140 cm x 175 cm

from the exhibition eit (nots), 2010

Dangerous Little Green Boxes # 5, 2012
pigment ink print, glass, 16 cm x 21 cm

from the exhibition Hämärän kymmenen nimeä (Ten Names of Obscurity), 2013

Marko Karo

Marko Karo is a Helsinki based visual artist and curator. His  interests relate broadly to what could be called the shared nature of images – images that are not so much solitary creatures as they are found in flocks and clusters, amidst a variety of materials, mediums, and temporalities. In recent years his work has centered on engaging with archives as sites of rethinking and reanimating disregarded histories. He has worked with museum collections, found vernacular images, and currently pursues a project related to prison archives and questions of administrative violence.

Milja Laurila

Milja Laurila uses archive scientific photographs as her material combining them with new images of her own. Her practice-based research focuses on the materiality of photographs and on the use of anonymous archived material in art works. Titled, The Latest Knowledge, Laurila’s first exhibition for her doctoral thesis was held at Gallery Forum Box (Helsinki, Finland) in 2012.

Image: The Latest Knowledge (Hand), 2012

Tuomas Myrén

Tuomas Myrén is an art historian and a curator in Helsinki City museum’s picture collections. The working title of his thesis is, Changing Roles and Meanings of the Photography in the Context of the Historical Museums. He specializes in the history and development of the complex relationship between photography and historical museums.

Pekka Nikrus

Pekka Nikrus is a photographer and an art educator. He has an eclectic interest in both the expressive and technological dimensions of photography. Nikrus focuses in his thesis on examining the meanings of the emergent properties of the photographic registration process by observing it through systems thinking. In his work Nikrus makes a distinction between technology as a phenomenon and the device as a means to execute the phenomenon according to W. Brian Arthur’s definition of technology.

Laura Nissinen

Laura Nissinen is a Helsinki based photographer. Her dissertation project, Abstraction in Finnish Art Photography, focuses on the ontological and theoretical questions concerning the complex relationship between abstraction and the photographic medium. The project includes an artistic section.

Näyttely- ja teostiedot:
Aleatory Variable
A Lucio II, 2014

Pauliina Pasanen

Pauliina Pasanen is a long-term teacher of photography in the Design Insitute, Lahti University of Applied Sciences. She has held the position of principal lecturer in media studies and is now working on her pedagogical doctoral thesis related to teaching photography in documentary workshops. In her ethnographic research she compares different teaching methods based on the traditions and contradictions of documentary photography.

Kari Pyykönen

Kari Pyykönen is an artist photographer and a researcher. Titled, Harcourt’s holy oil – exercises within the genre of black and white studio portraiture, Pyykönen’s doctoral dissertation concentrates on the tradition and conventions of the photographic portrait. The primary data of his research is the vast collection of anonymous portraits from the archives of the famous Studio Harcourt in Paris. In his artistic practice Pyykönen re-conceptualizes the myth of likeness in portraiture.

Perttu Saksa

Perttu Saksa is an artist working with photography and moving image. His thesis focuses on representations of animals in contemporary photography.

Jari Silomäki

Jari Silomäki is an artist concentrating on documentary photography. He seeks new forms to narrate and document people as accurately as possible as individuals and as a part of the society. He is researching, for example, expectations imposed by the society, failure and violence. The topic of his doctoral thesis at Aalto is directing models on photo shoots.

From the series: Photographic short stories – documentation from the pages of our performance-oriented society Kuva: Location: Lahti, Finland

Liisa Söderlund

Liisa Söderlund is an art educator and photographer. Her doctoral thesis focuses on photography as a medium in a community art project. She started this research in 2010 by organising a participatory project for homeless people.

Hanna Timonen

Hanna Timonen is an artist and a teacher of photography. She studied photography at the University of Westminster, and did her MFA at the Academy of Fine Art in Helsinki. Her thesis combines theoretical research and practical artistic work, and looks at the concept of photographic series as inherent to photography, and approaches it’s relation to everyday life, understood both as a historical thematic in art and as lived reality. It examines photo series in contemporary art works, and asks if the study of photo series could also be used as a tool for understanding the image flows of digital environments.