Buy grapes, plums, get to know yourself

Buy grapes, plums, get to know yourself

Buy grapes, plums, get to know yourself

Porvoon Taidehalli | Galleria Vanha Kappalaisentalo                             04.02.2021 – 25.04.2021

Buy grapes, plums, get to know yourself is a group exhibition connecting the work of eleven artists. Encompassing photography, video and installation, the show acts as a space for an eclectic range of ideas to interact and mingle.   

Created through a combination of experimentation, research, routine and play, the show exposes the charm and monotony that exists simultaneously within our daily lives and spatial surroundings. 

We see works questioning the ethics encircling human/non-human relations, alongside personal explorations of our sense of place, being and identity. From studies of light and materiality to portraits that bring into question the continued use of the body as a photographic subject, the exhibition touches on the seemingly infinite form and processes that the medium holds. The everyday and the multiplicity of ways in which this intertwines itself into all that we do, see and feel, runs as a thread throughout the exhibition.  Whether through list making, introspection or philosophical questioning, moments of mundanity, quietness and peace wiggle alongside chaotic and frantic sensation. 

The exhibiting artists were brought together through their current MA Photography studies at Aalto University School of Art Design and Architecture.

Artists: Matti Aalto, Lotta Djupsund, Dominik Fleischmann, Jo Hislop, Janette Holmström, Mari Kaakkola, Kaapo Kamu, Ida Lehtonen, Rasmus Mäkelä, Taika Oja, Sanni Saarinen.  

With thanks to Harri Pälviranta from Aalto University. With support from Art Proof, Tallinn,  Finnfoto: The Central Association of Finnish Photographic Organisations and The Department of Media at Aalto University.

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