Aalto University offers a high-quality educational environment focusing on photography.

Our uniquely designed, multidisciplinary and international Master’s and Doctoral programmes allow students to develop their skills and professional identities via various approaches, from fine art and professional photography to academic photography research.

Widely acclaimed group of artists, known as “Helsinki School“, has been an integral part of our programme since 1990s and for more than six years now we have also been hosting an international research conference Helsinki Photomedia.


  • 25 years of the Helsinki School

    25 years of the Helsinki School

  • hands wearing latex gloves hold a rat, only the tail can be seen

    Dominik Fleischmann – Algernon’s Flowers

  • Emilia Pennanen – Almost There

    Emilia Pennanen – Almost There

  • The Place of No Crows

    The Place of No Crows

  • haystacks in a field on a summers day

    FLATLAND – from the fields of Härmä