The photography unit is located at Aalto University´s Otaniemi Campus in a brand new building, Väre, which was originally designed by Aalvar Aalto. It’s more than 30.000m² and functions as a home for the School of Art, Design and Architecture.

Our resources are of the highest quality. Photography students and staff have access, for instance, to a large photography studio (270 m2), an equipment lending office, and relaxing communal working spaces for meetings and independent work. 

In addition to the spaces and facilities of the School of Art, Design and Architecture, Aalto University provides an array of resources for students. The most significant services are:

High quality Fine Art and large format printing and mounting.

Aalto Digital Design Laboratory. 3D scanners, 3D printers, laser cutter and a robot.

Aalto Studios (Formerly: Media Center LUME & the Media Factory)
Auditoriums, theatre, TV, film and new media production facilities and the Aalto FabLab.